Solitary bee hotels to provide nesting sites for bees on campus

Working together with head gardener Jo Westover and her team we've been trying to make the campus at RHUL more bee friendly. As part of this project we've designed a bee hotel to put to use leftover wood after pruning trees on campus. This hotel will be placed in some of the bee friendly habitat created by the gardening team to provide nesting habitat for solitary bees. These bees do not form colonies like bumblebees and honeybees and instead tend to work alone to rear their young. With well over 200 species of solitary bee in the UK we're excited to see which ones will take up residence in our hotel! One likely candidate is the red mason bee Osmia bicornis (right).


If you would like to see what goes on inside a bee hotel have a look at this video. This handy website will tell you all you need to know about making your own bee hotel.

Solitary Bee Hotel - photo by Jo Westover

Osmia bicornis male - photo by Line Sabroe (CC 2.0)