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At work and at the beach in Guaruja, XVIII International Congress IUSSI, 2018 (Harry, Arran, Mark, Fabio, plus Dino on the beach!)

Lab group Guaruja.jpg
Lab group Beach Guaruja.jpg

The crew (plus old friends) enjoying the congress banquet at XI ECE, with Vesuvius in the background!

(from l-r, Judy, Callum, Tom, Alex, Chris, Judy, Mark, Fabio)

Brown Lab Naples.jpg

Alex, Judy, and Tom presenting their posters at the XI European Congress of Entomology in Naples, 2018

Judy Naples.jpg
Alex Naples.jpg
Tom Naples.jpg
Relaxing after a week of hard science in Cairns, XVII International Congress IUSSI, 2014 (Fabio, Mark, Matthias, and Gemma)
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