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Optimow FAQ

There are no stupid questions so check out our FAQs for clarification.

If you can't find the answer to your question, check out the video tutorials on the OPTIMOW page or email me your question


Do I need to mow my entire lawn or just the 2m x 2m patch?

The entire lawn please!!

What length shall I set my mower to?

Do not worry if you can't set or don't know how to change the length your mower cuts to! However, if you can please set it between 30-40mm or the length closest to this range. 

Where do I upload my lawn progress photos?

A link will be sent round for you to upload your photos at the end of the study! In the mean time maybe save them in a folder on your phone so they are easy to find. 

Where should i put my observation square?

Ideally, in the middle of your lawn or if this isn't possible any continuous patch of lawn.

I'm on holiday one week!! Can I do the study?

As long as you can still complete you mowing regime, you can miss surveys. Just make sure to complete the final survey between the 9th - 12th June

Im struggling with the plant survey...

How do I estimate the size of my garden?

The garden size is an estimate!! You can always calculate it by using large paces (about 1 meter). Do not worry if youre struggling or your gardens a strange shape ... Do the best you can

How do I estimate the percentage of my flowers in my garden?

I want to how how much of your garden is flower beds, flowering shrubs, and potted plants. This is an estimate of the cover of these plants, not the individual flower heads. For this ignore wild flower which would be removed by mowing!!

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