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An overview of current projects - for details, click the links

Elaine Francoso won a prestigious Marie Sklodowska-Curie Fellowship to study the evolutionary dynamics of mitochondrial and nuclear DNA in bumble bees

We are leading a pan-European project to understand and mitigate the impacts of pesticides, parasites, and poor nutrition on managed and wild bees in Europe

Hannah Wolmuth-Gordon is continuing our long-term project to understand the epidemiological dynamics of a trypanosome parasite of bumble bees

Epidemiology of Crithidia bombi in bumble bees

We are part of a pan-European project to understand and mitigate drivers or decline in wild bees. We are focusing on pathogen spillover and citizen science interventions. Click here for our OPTIMOW project

Mitochondrial DNA wikicomms
Projects on RHUL campus

We are working with the gardening team on campus to improve bee habitat and improve biodiveristy

PoshBee overview.jpg

Viki Webster is using genomics to elucidate the landscape epidemiology of this fungal parasite in bumble bees

Epidemiology of Vairimorpha bombi in bumble bees
Nosemabombi ©Samina
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