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With your help, we are looking for a way to make a difference and help save important flower visiting insects!

Our gardens citizen science project is working with member of the public to work out if there's a best way to mow lawns to benefit pollinating insects! Volunteers will assigned a mowing regime and be counting the flower visiting insects within your garden.


Each individual in the project, you will be contributing to real-world scientific research that will help our understanding of insects in your garden and help save these insects.

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Frequently asked questions


1/4/23: 300 sign ups!! Thank you to everyone who has signed up so far, I will be sending eligibility emails and data diarys out soon

13/4/23: Data diaries are being packed and posted!

20/4/23: Data diaries are being received!! Our final number of eligible participants is 352 ... THANK YOU 

8/6/23: Due to technical difficulties I can't currently email. However the photo upload link is as follows:


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