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Post-doctoral fellows

If you're interested in joining the lab as a post-doctoral fellow, and I'm not currently advertising positions, there are a number of schemes to which you can apply for funding. Once you've found one of these that could work for you, and you have a research idea and draft application, please drop me a line. Please bear in mind that a quality application will take weeks to months to develop, so last minute emails are likely to be met with a 'sorry, but it's too late to do this' reply...

Marie Sklodowska-Curie Fellowships funded by the European Union - annual call, check the submission date

Newton International Fellowships administrated by the Royal Society - annual call, check the submission date

Fulbright Scholarships - these are open to US citizens and fund short (up to 10 month) research exchanges, annual call, check the date

Graduate students

PhD students

The School of Biological Sciences advertises for PhD students funded by the University in December/January each year. These are competitive studentships, and if my internal application is successful you'll find these advertised on the findaphd website.

The School of Biological Sciences is also a partner in two PhD training programmes, the London NERC DTP and the LIDO BBSRC-DTP. Applications open in November, and if you get accepted onto the Doctoral Training Programme, you can then choose me as your supervisor. Please contact me before applying, as I'm happy to discuss potential projects and help candidates with their application.

Masters by Research (MRes)

The School of Biological Sciences @ RHUL runs a MSc by Research degree. You can find information about funding opportunities from Royal Holloway here.

US citizens can apply to the Fulbright Commission for funding to cover an MSc. For further information, click here.

Self-funded students

Finally, I am always happy to discuss Masters or PhD opportunities with self-funded students (if it's helpful, a definition of self-funded means being able to pay annual fees, your own living costs, and research consumables = ~£20-25k per annum).

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