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Mark Brown, PI
I did my PhD on ants with Deborah Gordon, and a post-doc on bumblebee parasites with Paul Schmid-Hempel. Since 2002 I've led my own lab, first at Trinity College Dublin, and now at RHUL

Elaine Francoso, Marie Sklodowska-Curie Fellow

My research project - EVOBOMICS - is focused on understanding the evolutionary dynamics of mitochondrial DNA in bumble bees

Lachlan small.jpg
Lachlan Jones, Post-doctoral researcher
My work is about harnessing naturally occurring chemical compounds in flower nectar as a preventative medicine against bumblebee gut parasites
Matti Leponiemi, Post-doctoral researcher
I am working as a post-doc in the WildPosh project. My work is focusing on developing and applying methods for sampling pesticide residues in the environment
Alberto Linguadoca.jpg
Alberto Linguadoca, PhD student
My PhD is focused on the effects of pesticides on bumblebees. My work is part of the PoshBee project, which supports healthy bee populations across Europe.
Morgan Morrison, PhD student
During my PhD I will be exploring pathogen spillover from honey bees to wild bees in conservation sites, and the potential impacts of citizen science to mitigate drivers of bee declines as part of the Safeguard project
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